You can almost touch the sky …

Plunge into a world replete with warming and tingling moments; enjoy finding new mind and body harmony … above the Mayrhofen rooftops, our guests will discover a relaxing Wellness & Spa oasis, with a panoramic view of the Ziller valley mountains.

The sensation in winter cannot be described when you are floating in the pleasantly warm water, kept at a constant 32°C (90°F), in the outdoor pool or hot tub, in stark contrast to the frosty-cold outside temperatures and snow-mantled landscape. And there is much more to discover …

“We will be pleased to advise you about personal massages. Appointments may be booked at the reception desk.”



Relaxing perspectives

Finnish Sauna

This classic option in our range of sauna environments heats up to a temperature of around 90°C (194°F), offering numerous health benefits. Skin is cleansed and muscle tension released. The tingling impact of contact with ice-cold water afterwards strengthens the immune system.


The lower temperature of the bio-sauna is found by many guests to be very pleasant, providing the same beneficial effects as the Finnish sauna. The higher humidity in the bio-sauna has a positive effect on the respiratory system.

Vapour bath

Steam baths are real touchstones for health. The high humidity, ranging from 80% to 100% and a temperature of around 45°C (113°F), coupled with aromatic fragrances have a mood uplifting effect, as well as purifying pores. We bet you are already sweating!

Non-nude sauna

Alongside the nude sauna facilities, there is also a non-nude one at Sporthotel Manni. In these facilities, guests with a different sauna culture have the opportunity to take a sauna in the separate non-nude Finnish facility wearing swimwear, while still enjoying the sauna experience and its benefits.

Non-nude vapour bath

The health-giving effects of high humidity and a pleasant temperature of 45°C (113°F), in combination with aromatic fragrances may be experienced by our international guests with a different sauna culture. In our non-nude steam bath, where swimwear is expressly desired.

Infrared sauna

The principle of deep heat penetration is an effective means for promoting bodily health in many ways. It is achieved through infrared treatment by gentle and efficient warming of the body with all the positive benefits this brings.

Gym & Workout facilities with panoramic vista

There is no need to fall behind with your workout routine just because you are on holiday! At our gym and workout facilities, you will find state-of-the-art cardio and workout equipment just waiting for you to give it a good dusting! With the added bonus of the mountain vista, working out will never have been so easy.